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Update Log

DateLink / Description
2023-02-13Wrote New Website, Who Dis? about migrating to custom Docusaurus site
2022-08-28Began migrating from to custom Hugo site hosted on Netlify
2022-01-09Guides / An Introduction to AutoHotkey / Part 2: Key Rebinding

Initial (partial) draft of part two is now complete. Need to add one code snippet and one illustration breaking down the syntax in that snippet.
2022-01-08Guides / An Introduction to AutoHotkey / Part 1: Getting AutoHotkey

Initial rough first draft of part one is now complete. Most sections are still in brain-dump bullet point format and there are no screenshots yet. But Part 1 should now be more-or-less usable in its current form.
2022-01-06Things I've Made / This Website

Added an explanation, with code snippets, of what CSS and JavaScript I've used to customize the look and behavior of this website.

About Me / My Work

Added a summary of my professional experience since graduating from University in 2015.
2022-01-03Areas of Study / Christianity / The Gospel

Added a five-part summary of the core message of the Christian faith.
2022-01-02Guides / How to Make Better Coffee At Home

Reorganized this content from being nested under Coffee to being a stand-alone entry under Topics.
2021-12-30Began migration over to rather than custom static site hosted on Netlify
2020-12-08Wrote a guide for making coffee at home under Coffee
2020-11-09First created static website and initial About Me page

See also the "Brewing Ideas" section at the bottom of this site's home page.