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Caleb's Notes

Hi there! I'm Caleb ūüĎč

This personal website is a spot for me to share random stuff that I'm thinking about or working on. It has three major sections:

  • Notes: That's this section, the one you're reading right now. Roughly speaking, these notes are a Digital Garden.
  • Guides: How-to's and Beginner Introductions to a few of the tools and technologies I use a lot.
  • Blog: Time-bound stuff‚ÄĒe.g., ideas I'm contemplating, dev logs for projects I'm working on, and problems I'm in the middle of solving.

What can you find here?‚Äč

The sidebar (ūüĎą) has some top-level pages to help me organize this mess.

  • What's New¬†is an inconsistently-updated Changelog of this website to help document what I've been devoting attention to recently.
  • Learn about me under¬†About Me.
  • The biggest section of this "Notes" area is¬†Life, the Universe, and Everything, an exercise in¬†Thinking in Public¬†about...¬†everything I can. Each page is a short essay about a topic. Almost all of the pages are works-in-progress, or placeholders with no content (yet).
  • Things I've Made¬†serves as a convenient place to link to when I make stuff other places (like¬†GitHub¬†or Twitter).
  • Finally,¬†Resource Library¬†is for¬†sharing recommended books, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and other resources that I've benefitted from (and some of them have commentary as well).

New here?‚Äč

Here's some stuff I like to think and write about to get you started exploring:

Here's some hobbies and some media that I enjoy.

Brewing Ideas‚Äč

  • Why I love¬†AutoHotkey¬†so much,¬†and how I use it together with¬†Roam Research¬†and¬†VS Code¬†for my¬†Personal Knowledge Management¬†workflow
  • What's so troublesome about¬†Platonism¬†as a Christian Metaphysic and why I prefer (and think¬†The Bible¬†is more consistent with) something more like Hebraic Covenantalism
  • Why EVERYONE should learn basic¬†Category Theory and, therefore, why I think we should teach it to high school students instead of Algebra
  • Why anyone who aspires to think, reason, and communicate clearly should learn¬†Haskell¬†(especially Christian¬†Theologians¬†and students of the¬†Divinities
  • Listening carefully to¬†Daniel Schmachtenberger¬†on a variety of topics:
  • The concept of¬†The Liberal Arts¬†as those skills which members of a free society need to be successful (and which a free society needs its members to have to be successful itself)
  • Why the term¬†Position¬†is useful for expressing the generic concept of one's intellectual assent and convicted commitment to supporting an idea, belief, or decision
  • Why "Character" is a more useful and less error-prone concept than "Essence" when it comes to seeking and communicating our grasp of the behavior, quality, or "is-ness" of a thing
  • How Symbols and¬†Typology¬†serve as proving grounds for our understanding of¬†Truth¬†and¬†Meaning¬†(and how¬†Category Theory¬†clarifies the whole project)
  • Learning Clojure, and some thoughts that has provoked about language and¬†Learning¬†in general