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Category Theory

What is Category Theory?

Category Theory is an extremely abstract branch of Mathematics.

Most branches of math (like Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, etc.) use symbols (like numbers) to represent things. They then use those representations to calculate stuff, prove or disprove hypotheses, or make predictions.

Category Theory is a bit different from most math. Where many branches of math take particular mathematical structures as their focus of study, Category Theory is about symbolic structure itself. Category Theory is about rigorously examining the relationships between things. It is about how small stuff combines together into bigger stuff (the technical term for this is Composition). It is about generalizing patterns in those relationships and Compositions so that they can be recognized and reapplied elsewhere. 

I have found in Category Theory a useful set of conceptual frameworks and rigorous methodologies for thinking about Areas of Study full of highly abstract and hard-to-falsify propositions (like Philosophy and Theology).

Category Theory Concepts

Category Theory has some important Concepts associated with it:

Topics in Category Theory