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Leetcode Drag Racing in Janet

· 2 min read

Every now and then you just need to compare a dozen almost-identical iterations of the solution to a basic toy programming problem to figure out what's faster or slower in your language of choice.


  • The Leetcode problem
  • Racing methodology
    • spork/test's timeit function
    • Two tests: one that should return true and one that should return false
  • My naive approach to solving this problem (label + return)
    • Explanation
    • Advantages
  • Other approaches
    • Use a variable
      • Doesn't return early
    • Use a loop
      • Not easy to reason about
    • Use recursion
      • A terrible idea in Janet!
      • Gradual optimization
  • Permutations
    • Using array/slice to avoid redundant calculations
      • Explanation
      • Assessment
        • Offset by the cost of calling array/slice!
    • Using zero? vs = 0
      • Explanation
      • Assessment
        • zero? is objectively slower by around a third (but sometimes the overall impact is closer to half!)
        • It is implemented in terms of = 0 under the hood, but with a call to compare first
  • Table of results and Analysis
    • My naive solution is actually pretty performant
  • Lessons learned
    • Function calls are expensive in Janet
      • Suspected reason for this: C instantiates a new object and allocates memory for every function call
    • = 0 is much more efficient than zero?
    • Recursion is not well-optimized in Janet